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Ecommerce payments after the pandemic

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Your guide to ecommerce payments in 2021

This report gives you access to new data released by YouGov on what UK and Ireland shoppers and ecommerce merchants want from payments in 2021 and beyond. Where are retailers feeling the most pain with existing payment providers? How are shopper payment expectations evolving? 
  • Access new survey data from 1,241 online shoppers and ecommerce merchants, covering online payment preferences and shopper attitudes to payment security and refunds.
  • Learn what levers you can pull to improve payment experience and drive customer loyalty
  • Discover why 3 in 4 merchants say open banking payments are in their long-term strategy
  • Find out how will customers react to emerging payment options like instant bank payments, powered by open banking
  • Hear views from retailers including Cazoo, and JustWears

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