Introducing the TrueLayer Sandbox V1
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Introducing the TrueLayer Sandbox V1

Fancy trying the power of instant payment initiation directly from your user’s bank account? Try Open Banking APIs in test mode with no constraints today.

We are highly committed to providing secure services to our clients. Because of this, we constantly do our best to improve the security measures, design, and architecture of our product offerings.With the release of our isolated Sandbox environment, we aim to improve security, enable testing for our Payments API product, and ultimately, enhance the developer experience.The segregation of environments between the Sandbox Console and the Live Console, will permit you to:
  • Test our Payments API product without moving real money;
  • Test our Payments API autonomously — no humans in the way;
  • Have separate applications for testing and live usage.

Live vs Sandbox: what are the differences?

In each environment, you will be able to generate a unique client_id, corresponding unique client_secret and an access_token. In this way, your applications are independent, and not related one to the other in any way. Due to the separation of client_ids — for instance — your applications and how they are customised, are completely independent of one another.The authorisation link and API endpoints will be identical, but instead of ending with the domain, they will end with the domain differentiate it from production accounts, your sandbox account client_id will always have the prefix sandbox-. It will not be possible to add this prefix to a production account client_id.
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First sign-up

Ready to try it out? You can signup to the Sandbox via If you already have a TrueLayer account in our Live Console, you can log in using the same credentials.When you are signing up for the first time in the Sandbox environment you will be guided through our wizard to create your client_id and download your client_secret.Once your application is created in both the Sandbox and Live environments you can easily switch from one to the other with the same login.
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TrueLayer’s Sandbox V1 is currently available for the Payments API product. If you are interested in testing our Data API product instead, you can signup to test with our mock bank or with real banks by setting up a FREE account in the Live Environment.

The Payments Sandbox

  1. The TrueLayer Sandbox is integrated into an actual bank sandbox. This enables an end-to-end test including a sandbox payment consent journey while testing the Payments API;
  2. All data is completely segregated from the live environment:
  • Sandbox client credentials cannot be used to create a production access token;
  • Sandbox access tokens cannot be used to call production API endpoints;
  • Resources created in the sandbox cannot be accessed via production APIs, e.g. if a payment is created in the sandbox, an attempt to GET the payment resource in the production environment will return a 404 response (and vice versa).
Please note that the Payments Sandbox does not include a full bank simulation with consistent bank accounts, it is only intended to facilitate API testing.To get started with integrating the Payments API, follow our Payments API Quick Start Guides.

In the next release:

  • Data API Sandbox environment;
  • Single entry point for both sandbox and live from;
  • Single wizard — only in Sandbox environment;
  • Same client-id for both environments (the sandbox will always have the prefix sandbox-).
Questions? Suggestions?Please reach out! We are happy to talk!

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