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Matt Parish, Product manager
17 Jun 2020

TrueLayer’s mission is to grow the open banking economy, enabling developers across any industry — from startups to enterprises — to reinvent financial services. This means we are continuously expanding our global coverage, today we are pleased to add Ireland to the list of countries we support.

What this means for businesses 🇮🇪

Using our developer console, you can now securely access financial data from Ireland's largest banks, including the Bank of Ireland, Allied Irish Bank, Permanent TSB, Ulster Bank and Revolut in Ireland. We cover over 90% of Irish retail bank accounts, adding to our coverage in Northern Ireland. You can now go live across the entire Emerald Isle. It’s free to get started!

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What this means for consumers 🤩

You can expect to see the development of new products that will give you greater control over your finances.

We are already working with companies like Revolut to bring more innovation to the market. For example, you can now use the Revolut app in Ireland to see all of your balances and transactions in one place, track spending, and set budgeting controls.

The Details ⚙️

Ireland’s approach to PSD2 uses the open banking specification, a protocol we’re immensely familiar with and have experience running at scale. Our products are 100% API based, which means they are faster, safer and more reliable than alternative solutions like screen scraping. You can access banks in Ireland in the developer console and on the providers’ endpoint now.

We’re open banking experts, so you can expect the following benefits from using our platform.

  • Faster — Data and payments are received in real-time.

  • Safer for you — Users authenticate directly with their bank, reducing the risk of fraud.

  • Safer for your customers — We provide superior security by encrypting data and not storing encryption keys. Customers can revoke access to their bank account at any time.

  • Reliable — Data is sent via direct bank channels in a machine-readable format.

No PSD2 licence?

No problem. You don’t need the TrueLuck of the Irish to become an agent of TrueLayer. This is an excellent, proven solution for those who want to get to market faster while they apply for their own licence or those who wish to become a long-term agent. Contact us to understand how you can start operating under our licence.

What you can build with TrueLayer 🏗

Our platform makes financial infrastructure accessible for any business and unlocks a range of powerful use cases, including Account Verification to accelerate your AML and KYC, Account Aggregation to link external accounts to your app, and Account Top Up which enables your users to fund accounts instantly.

“Our customers in Ireland can now view and manage multiple external bank accounts, enabling them to interpret their day to day spending across all of their accounts, with the added benefit of making our offering even more relevant, user-friendly, faster and more cost-efficient for our customers. We’re delighted to see that new legislation such as Open Banking is changing our financial landscape for the better, and I’m proud that Revolut and TrueLayer are at the forefront of this experience.”


Joshua Fernandes, OB Product Owner

Visit our website to see what some of our customers are building.

Interested in using our platform in Ireland? 🇮🇪

With TrueLayer, it’s free to get started and affordable to scale rapidly. Our APIs are simple to integrate, so you can have your first proof-of-concept up and running in hours. Click here to contact our team, or visit our documentation to start building.

If you are working on a product that is helping to support people and businesses during COVID-19, we’re offering free use of our platform. Contact us for more information.