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Get ready for Open Banking

The Consumer Data Right (“CDR”) comes into force this summer and we have you covered. Use our developer-friendly platform to effortlessly integrate financial data into your application.

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The regulation

The regulation

Officially announced in May 2018 and in force since February 2020, the Consumer Data Right Rules give consumers greater control over their personal data, starting with banking.

The APIs

The APIs

As part of the new law, Australia’s banks have to enable consumers to share their data securely using APIs. From July 2020, the big 4 banks have to comply with the standards defined by CSIRO’s Data61 arm.

The opportunity

The opportunity

​​Secure, regulated access to banking data unlocks many powerful use cases such as income verification and money management. We can’t wait to see what you build!

An introduction to the CDR

In this short video, we’ll provide an in depth overview of the CDR, and share use cases and opportunities for businesses looking to build superior financial products.

Use Cases

Build applications that make managing money a breeze for your users. Whether you’re building a budgeting app for millennials or an accounting platform for artisan coffee roasters, automatically pull in balances and transaction histories for multiple accounts.

  • PFM apps
  • accounting platforms
  • budgeting tools
  • cashflow managers
  • ERP
  • tax advisors

Improve your risk engines with real-time transaction information. Assess whether payment behaviour impacts the users likelihood to repay. Make better lending decisions using Open Banking data.

  • Banks
  • P2P lenders
  • Business lending
  • accounting/payroll
  • CRM

Check whether the person is who they say they are, and whether the account they’ve provided actually belongs to them. Instantly, with one simple API call.

  • e-commerce platforms
  • lenders
  • governments
  • cryptocurrency platforms
  • real estate platforms

Confirm whether someone actually earns what they say they do. No more uploading of PDF documents or blurry photographs of statements that are months old.

  • lenders
  • landlords
  • accountants

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